Insecticide sprayed in a chocolate shop: goods destroyed 'as a precaution'

Insecticide sprayed in a chocolate shop: goods destroyed 'as a precaution'

A Belgian chocolate shop in Brussels Airport has had its stock destroyed after a passerby flagged the improper use of insecticide in the store. In a video - recorded at the airport duty-free area and sent to RTBF - two workers are seen spraying insecticide in a store owned by The Belgian Chocolate House at Brussels Airport.

In a second video, the woman recording makes it clear she is angry at the presence of insecticide in the store, despite the merchandise on display. The workman explains that the product is harmless, prompting the woman to reply "that's why you wear masks?"

After hearing about the complaint, the FASFC (Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain) opened an investigation into the incident. "A controller went on site Tuesday morning and toured the four Belgian Chocolate stores. Two of them sell packaged and unpackaged products," said spokesperson Stéphanie Maquoi.

The preventive insect control used in the store is designed for the catering industry and was acceptable for use in the store. The issue arose due to the lack of procedure by the workers, as the instructions for use specify that it is necessary to cover the surrounding products but also the packaging material of the goods itself, which has not been done by the employees.

As a result of this lack of procedure, it was decided that the goods should be destroyed. 

Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times

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