Illicit cigarette factory discovered near Namur

Illicit cigarette factory discovered near Namur
Millions of cigarettes were seized after an illegal cigarette factory was discovered near the city of Namur. Credit: Unsplash.

An illegal cigarette production scheme was dismantled near the city of Namur, ending a months-long investigation by customs authorities into an illicit cigarette trade worth an estimated €6 million.

Authorities seized around 25 million cigarettes and 10 tons of tobacco, together with manufacturing and packaging tools found in a factory in Tamines, located between the cities of Charleroi and Namur.

Customs agents searched the warehouse, where they found 15 employees and also discovered living facilities such as a kitchen, several rooms and even a gym.

The packaging on the cigarettes indicated that the illegal products were destined for Greek, Turkish and British markets.

The number of cigarettes found in the factory was equivalent to over a million packets, according to RTBF, and the illegal trade scheme worth was estimated at €6 million.

The dismantling operation, carried out by about 30 customs agents, brought to a close an eight-month long investigation led by customs authorities.

Special police forces assisted in the search, after which one person was questioned.

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