New case of salmonella detected at Ferrero factory in Arlon

New case of salmonella detected at Ferrero factory in Arlon
Credit: Belga

A case of salmonella was detected at the Ferrero factory in Arlon in the province of Luxembourg, the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (AFSCA) told the Belga News Agency on Thursday.

AFSCA has clarified that no foodstuff has tested positive, however. The detection is probably due to reinforced controls of factory personnel after the site's closure last year.

"They have taken the necessary measures," reassures AFSCA spokesperson Aline Van den Broeck, referring to the Arlon factory staff.

"The risk is completely controlled," she continues. "No end product intended for consumption has tested positive." However, she also notes that no product has left the factory.

A little over a year earlier, AFSCA had recalled several Kinder chocolate products manufactured at the factory because of a salmonella infection. The Federal Agency then ordered the factory's closure.

Since then, staff have carried out several checks a day. "It can come from a baseboard or even a shoe," Van den Broeck noted.

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Several European countries had been affected by this bacterium via the factory's products, including Ireland, the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

Ireland was the first country to sound the alarm. The bacterium had created an epidemic of infection across Europe. The chocolate manufacturer also recalled products in Australia and Switzerland.

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