Brussels Police trial new cycling squad

Brussels Police trial new cycling squad
The agents will focus on enforcing traffic rules. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

The Brussels northern police zone have started the test phase of their new cycling squad. As of last Monday, six inspectors are now patrolling the streets on their bikes. The police will review the results of the test phase in autumn.

The officers on the bikes are still wearing heavy bulletproof vests which are inconvenient for cycling, so they are currently only spending part of the day on the bike. From autumn they will be on the road with adapted bulletproof vests for full shifts, according to Belgian media.

The agents will pay special attention to vulnerable cyclists and pedestrians, and will also deal with cars that have parked incorrectly. This summer they will also be present at various events, including the festival ‘The Park To Be’, in Parc Josaphat.

Madeleine Fletcher

The Brussels Times

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