Wallonia installs more speed cameras

Wallonia installs more speed cameras

In 2018, there were 207 deaths counted on Walloon roads. While this is still too much, the number is nearing the Region’s objective.

By 2020, Wallonia wants to reduce the road death toll to less than 200 per year. According to VIAS, the Belgian safety institute, Speed is pointed out as the primary cause for road accidents.

To reach its objective, Wallonia is stepping up its distribution of speed cameras. In ten years, 166 new devices will be installed. They will be comprised of 132 fixed cameras, 24 average speed zones, and 10 traffic light cameras. That number will be added to the already existing 204 fixed radars and the one average speed zone in the Cointe tunnel.

In total, Wallonia will have 436 speed cameras after an investment of 18,3 million euros. Mobility Minister Carlo Di Antonio notes that the money collected from speeding tickets will finance the investment.

“Our objective is not to inflate public funds. This is a road safety measure. Moreover, all these cameras will be announced via a traffic sign. We have identified the most accident-prone areas for better placement. They will allow us to secure zones and to make people drive slower. Where there’s a speed camera, the number of accidents reduce by 15 to 20%,” said the Mobility Minister.

By 2020, there will be 120 speed cameras per million citizens in Wallonia. To put it into perspective: the rate is at 50 in France, 55 in Germany, 60 in the Netherlands, 40 in Spain and 260 in Flanders.

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