Antwerp airport will close down London route

Antwerp airport will close down London route
Flights from Antwerp to London will stop from September 1. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Belgium will lose one of its air connections to London after officials at Antwerp International Airport announced the closing-down of their route to the city's Southend Airport on Thursday.

The flight route is expected to shut down on September 1, airport officials confirmed to Gazet van Antwerpen, adding that arrangements would be made for current ticket-holders.

The route, operated by Flybe, will close down due to a reported underperformance, according to a representative of Stobart Air, which manages Flybe.

"After a review of our entire network, it was decided to stop the route from September 1," the spokesperson told the Dutch-speaking news site. "Passengers have been notified and will be fully refunded or booked on an alternative service," she added.

The route was opened in 2017 and operated up to four flights per week at that time.

With Flybe's scheduled pull-out, the only commercial airline operating out of Antwerp International will be TUI fly.

An airport spokesperson said that talks were underway with various airlines in order to maintain a connection to the British capital city.

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