Casualty toll for this year's bull runs in Pamplona, Spain, reaches 35

Casualty toll for this year's bull runs in Pamplona, Spain, reaches 35
A bull-run in the San Fermin festival in Spain's Pamplona. Credit: Unsplash

Six people were injured at the latest San Fermin bull run in Pamplona on Friday, bringing the total number of injured for the 2023 edition to 35.

Friday's run lasted just over two minutes and resulted in five transfers to hospital, but none of the injuries were caused by a collision with a bull’s horn, according to a spokesman for the University Hospital in Navarre.

Two of the persons taken to hospital were very seriously injured, with bruising to the thorax and a head injury. The sixth injured person of the day was treated by the Red Cross at the scene.

While 35 people have been incurred injuries during this year’s edition,  no one’s life is in danger. The most spectacular injury was that of a 58-year-old Dutchman who received a bull’s horn in the scrotum.

The San Fermin bull runs take place every year between 6 and 15 July. Each day at 8 a.m., hundreds of brave people wearing white T-shirts or shirts and red scarves run in front of six bulls in an 850-metre race through the streets of the town to the bull arena.

In 1926, US writer Ernest Hemingway mentioned the San Fermin festivities in his novel ‘The Sun Also Rises,’ which has since made many tourists descend on the Spanish village to take part.

Every year, dozens are injured during the bull runs. Sometimes people even die: there have been 16 deaths since 1911, when the organisers started keeping figures.

The lastone occurred when a bull impaled a 27-year-old Spaniard with his horn, back in 2009.

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