Flanders gets its own version of Newsweek

Flanders gets its own version of Newsweek
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Today sees the publication of a Flemish version of the American magazine Newsweek, published by the organisation behind the independent news website Newsmonkey.

The Dutch-language magazine is edited by Famke Robberechts, who explained the unusual decision to launch a new print magazine to VRT News.

We carried out a readership poll and found there is room in Flanders for a monthly magazine that goes into the news in more depth,” she said. “We will be trying to stay away from the flavour of the day and looking for solutions to problems by looking beyond our own boundaries if necessary.” Robberechts was previously editor-in-chief of the lifestyle magazine Goed Gevoel.

Unlike its American counterpart, and despite the name, the Flemish Newsweek will be published monthly, leaving the weekly news space to Knack. “It is what it is,” she said. We couldn’t change the name without losing such a gigantic journalistic legacy. Newsweek has been a presence at all of the most important events of the last 80 years.”

Still the new edition will not simply be a Dutch-language version of its illustrious forebear. The Belgian version will have its own staff of seven full-time employees, in addition to 25 freelance writers, including names from Newsmonkey and Het Laatste Nieuws, one of Flanders’ biggest-selling tabloids.

The first edition has a print run of 25,000 copies, and includes a special on the Moon landing anniversary. The special number will feature a highlighted subject every three months. The magazine’s website will be behind a paywall, and subscribers will receive a weekly newsletter.

Alan Hope

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