Tusk and Trudeau condemn Trump's language

Tusk and Trudeau condemn Trump's language

Prime minister Justin Trudeau and the president of the European Council Donald Tusk on Thursday condemned Donald Trump's inflammatory language directed at four minority-backed, democrat congresswomen, describing the comments as "unacceptable", without however naming the American president directly.

"I have for years been one of the most pro-American politicians in Europe. It is difficult to understand some of these facts, these words and, sometimes, if you feel something is totally unacceptable, you are obliged to react in spite of business and other interests," Tusk said during a joint press conference held in Montreal with the Canadian liberal leader.

"For me, values are much more important than business, I am sorry, perhaps I am being old fashioned," Tusk added, emphasing he did not advocate interfering in the internal politics "of your neighbour".

"Yesterday evening's proposals are hurtful and unacceptable and I believe that no-one in Canada thinks these proposals are acceptable, because they are not," Trudeau added at the end of the Canada-EU summit.

During a rally held by the American president on Wednesday evening in North Carolina, the democrat Congresswomen who, according to him, "hate" America, were jeered at.

"Send her back! Send her back!" the crowd began to chant when Trump referred to Ilhan Omar, one of the two first Muslim women elected to Congress.

The president of the European Council echoed these slogans by declaring: "I really feel at home here in Montreal, the most European of Canadian cities, also because I haven't heard anyone shout 'send him back'!"

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