Bruges: ‘Prisoners treated like animals’ after guard attack

Bruges: ‘Prisoners treated like animals’ after guard attack
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The Central Prison Supervisory Council estimates the situation in the maximum-security wing of Bruges prison is “unacceptable.” A week ago, three warders were hospitalised after being attacked by an inmate. Since then, the wing’s staff have been providing a minimum service.

The Central Council considers that normal operations should be resumed immediately, De Standaard and Het Nieuwsblad reported on Friday.

A delegation from the Central Prison Supervisory Council paid a monitoring visit to the maximum-security section on Wednesday. The visit was shocking, according to president Marc Nève. “The prisoners have been locked in their cells 24 hours a day since the incident. There is no longer any contact between staff and the prisoners, who are left to fend for themselves and feel unsafe,” he explained.

The Central Council also condemns the fact that eight prisoners who have nothing to do with the incident have been unable to leave their cells for six days, cannot go outside for a breath of air, have a shower or see visitors. “Naturally, we understand what has happened to the warders. But what is happening now is unacceptable. I believe animals are better treated,” Nève said.

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