Belgians work more regular hours than the European average

Belgians work more regular hours than the European average
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Belgians work less in the evening, at night and at weekends than their European counterparts, according to data for 2018 from the Flemish Het Steunpunt Werk centre, reported on Tuesday by VRT NWS.

About one in ten people work to timetables varying considerably from the classic 9-5.

3% of Belgian workers (3% in Flanders, 3.1% in Wallonia and 2.8% in Brussels) work at night, a percentage that has remained stable for the last few years. The average for Europe as a whole stands at 5.7%.

As regards working in the evening and as part of a team, Belgium also falls below the European norm: 8.2% of Belgians work in the evening (as against 13.2% of Europeans) and 7.4% work on alternating shifts, against 18.3% of Europeans.

As for the end of the week, 17.6% of Belgians work on Saturday, against 21.7% in Europe. One in ten Belgian workers is also active on Sundays, a figure on the increase since it was only 7% at the beginning of the new millennium.

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