24-hour public drinking ban issued in Schaerbeek

24-hour public drinking ban issued in Schaerbeek
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Public drinking will be prohibited at all times of day in a Schaerbeek district, in an attempt by local authorities to fight back against growing disturbances to the public order.

The decision will see a previous restriction on nightly drinking in the district extended to all hours of the day, according to Bruzz.

As a result, public drinking will not be allowed in around a dozen streets of the municipality until October 31, with an exception made for the terraces of cafés, bars, and other drinking establishments.

The ban comes after a law enforcement report submitted to the major said excessive alcohol use was exacerbating issues encountered by police in maintaining and restoring public order in the area.

All streets concerned by the ban are located in the district known as Quartier du Brabant, which spans over the territory of both Schaerbeek and Saint-Josse.

The latter municipality confirmed on Thursday that similar measures had been implemented on their side of the district in the form of hourly restrictions on public drinking, in place since the middle of July.

According to Bruzz, offenders risk a fine of up to 350 euro if they are caught drinking in one of the following streets: Rue de Brabant, Rue d'Aerschot Rue de la Verdure, Rue de Quatrecht, Rue Dupont, Rue Allard, Rue de la Fraternité, Rue Rogier, Rue d'Hoogvorst, Rue de Potter and Rue Liedts.

Gabriela Galindo

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