Belgian restaurant named No.1 place for fries in Europe

Belgian restaurant named No.1 place for fries in Europe

Global travel site Big 7 Travel has put together a list of the "50 Best Places For Fries In Europe in 2019."

Frites Atelier in Antwerp takes the number one spot, with Makamaka in Barcelona in second and Just Chips in Bristol, England, coming in third.

The only other Belgian establishment in the top ten is Fritland in Brussels (8th position), with the remainder of the spots made up of Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Luxembourg, Riga and even Oban in Scotland.

Frit Flagey 27th and Maison Antoine (39th) also made the top 50, alongside entrants from Helsinki, Lyon, Berlin, and Athens, to name a few.

While the Big 7 Travel explained that it was a top 50 stretching "from French Fries to Belgian frites", they acknowledge Belgium's connection to the product.

"The winner could never come from any other country bar Belgium, given their huge passion for all things frites and the quality of their offering," it explained.

The results from each country were chosen from combined scores of votes cast by Big 7 Travel's 1.5m social community and a panel of expert food judges, the group explained in a press release.

For the full list, click here.

Jules Johnston

The Brussels Times

All photos provided by Big 7 Travel

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