Increase of illegal medication in Belgium

Increase of illegal medication in Belgium

5,702 packages containing illegal medication were seized in Belgium last year.  

Inspectors at the Federal Medication Agency’s (AFMPS) Special Research unit said a sixth of the packages contained medication for the urogenital system.

They also found Finasteride, which is used to reduce the prostate in patients with urinary problems and to treat baldness. However, it does increase the risk of impotency and depression. 

They also seized sleeping tablets (186 packages) and medication for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – 76 packets). Another 57 packages contained “nootropics”, pills that help with learning and memory. 

The increasing popularity of online shopping partly explains the rise in the number of packages and checks. Customs and bpost are better equipped to monitor packages than ever before. However, Belgians seem more and more willing to risk purchasing illegal medication. 

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