Electronic monitor use in pre-trial detention doubled in 2018

Electronic monitor use in pre-trial detention doubled in 2018
Credit: Belga

In just a year, electronic bracelet monitoring for defendants in custody has nearly doubled, Sudpresse titles reported on Thursday. 

In 2018, 3,000 new defendants were placed under electronic surveillance in Wallonia-Brussels, i.e. 9.4% more than the previous year (2,741 in 2017). The use of electronic bracelets in preventive detention in particular increased: 444 suspects in 2017; 802 in 2018. 

“Electronic monitoring for preventive detention is only possible since a new law in 2014,” Deputy Head of Justice Centres Annie Devos said. “This procedure works especially in the French part of the country, and especially in the districts of Liege, Charleroi and Brussels, following council chambers’ decisions. We obviously advocate this type of alternative to prison,” Devos said.

Other alternatives to ever more crowded prisons: Probation measures or deferrals and suspensions pronounced with conditions. In 2018, courthouses received 6,459 new cases against 5,637 the previous year, an increase of 15%.

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