Samsung's folding smartphone will not be sold in Belgium

Samsung's folding smartphone will not be sold in Belgium
The plan was meant to launch in Belgium in early 2019, but faced issues. Credit: Belga

The Galaxy Fold, Samsung's folding screen smartphone, will not be sold in Belgium after all, it was reported on Thursday by the Belgian division of the South Korean electronics giant.

The new phone was to be on sale in Belgium on May 3, with Proximus being given the exclusivity to sell the device when it was launched and the smartphone was expected to cost just over €2,000.

But when journalists noticed several defects in the foldable screen, including breakages, on test copies, Samsung decided not to release it on the market.

After months of refining the Galaxy Fold, which can work with the brand new 5G network, the electronics giant has announced that its smartphone will be available on Friday in South Korea, and then in several carefully selected markets, including the United States, France, Germany, Singapore and the United Kingdom. However, no launches are planned in Belgium and the Netherlands, says a spokeswoman for the Belgian division.

This device has been promoted as the "world's first folding smartphone", while Samsung's competitors such as Huawei have also embarked on the race for the folding screen.

The reason for the decision is not clear at this time.

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