8-year-old child propelled '15 metres' from funfair attraction

8-year-old child propelled '15 metres' from funfair attraction
Credit: Antibes Land / Facebook

A child was ejected 15 metres from a merry-go-round in Antibes Land amusement park in France on Friday and "propelled like a cannonball," Le Soir reports.

In the Antibes Land amusement park, situated between Nice and Cannes, 8-year-old Evan was ejected from a merry-go-round and projected 15 metres. His fall was cushioned by a woman who was waiting for her child to get off the ride. She was injured in the process.

Evan suffered a head injury and back and neck pain but is "miraculously" still alive.

"He was propelled like a cannonball," Evan's mother told France 3. She told BFMTV that she had started to worry a few seconds before the accident occurred, as she thought the ride was speeding up too much.

Her lawyer made a statement to France Bleu: "We think that the machine lost control. The operator, the manufacturer and the authorities' investigation must explain to us what happened. For the moment, we have no explanation and no apology. My client reserves the right to lodge a complaint."

Carousel accidents have been on the rise in France this summer: a 17-year-old died after an accident at Luna Park in Cap d'Agde near Montpellier in early August 2023.

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