Week-long road safety crackdown could see offenders risk driving ban

Week-long road safety crackdown could see offenders risk driving ban
Authorities will tackle some driving offences, such as driving under the influence or while using a mobile device. Credit: Pexels

Road safety checks will be tightened in the provincial peripheries of Brussels during a week-long crackdown that could see offenders summoned "without exception," and even risk a driving ban.

Local and federal police forces will double down on traffic inspections throughout the Flemish Brabant, the province that surrounds the Brussels-Capital Region, as part of a week-long campaign to improve road safety, set to start on Monday.

Police will, therefore, be on the lookout for anyone driving under the influence or using mobile phones or tablets while driving.

"Drivers who are caught in violation next week will be summoned to appear before the police court without exception," prosecutors in Halle-Vilvoorde said, according to Het Nieuwsblad.

The public prosecutor's statement continued to say that the use of mobile devices, or people driving while intoxicated posed "serious risks and often caused human suffering," and said that prosecutors would "invariable" call for a driving ban for offenders brought before court.

"Road safety is of paramount importance to the Halle-Vilvoorde public prosecutor, which means that we will actively participate in its promotion," the prosecutor added.

The prosecutor's announcement comes as a recently launched campaign encourages drivers to think about the dangers of getting distracted behind the wheel.

Gabriela Galindo

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