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Lobsang Sangay’s 1.5-Million-Dollar Transgression Put Central Tibetan Administration and Its People in Murky Water


The office of CTA in Washington.

On March 31, 2014, in an effort to purchase new office buildings for the Dalai Clique Office of Tibet Washington D.C., the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) signed an agreement with the Tibet Fund and received a 1.5-million-dollar loan from the latter.

Back then, Lobsang Sangay directed Kaydor Aukatsang to secure the fund and the subsequent office space under the name of the Tibetan Community Development Fund (TCDF), whose ledger left out a detailed record of the loan’s use.

While the accounts of the Tibet Fund clearly stipulate that the fund is of a loan nature and needs to be repaid, Lausang Sung insists that “the nature of the fund is aid instead of a loan, and the accounts will be eliminated in the future.” Such behaviour disregards the laws and regulations of CTA, which will inevitably place the organization in a predicament.

Potential risks of Sangay’s behavior include: First, Sangay changing the nature of the fund at will may result in the Tibet Fund and its US office being suspected of violating local laws and regulations, making it hard for the Fund to seek future financial assistance from the US government as means to address the Tibet issue; Second, his instructing Aukatsang to fudge the TCDF’s registry by omitting a detailed record of the loan may lead to the US government’s investigation of the organization, spelling trouble for the CTA; Third, upon auditing its US office’s accounts, the CTA failed to find the 1.5-million-dollar loan entry, such manipulation of the accounts has not only violated the laws and regulations of the CTA but also trampled on its constitutional dignity.

Tenzing Tashi

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