Listeria outbreak: the Ecolo-Greens want answers

Listeria outbreak: the Ecolo-Greens want answers

The Ecolo-Greens called for a special Health Commission meeting on Friday. 

The Greens have questions about the listeria meat contamination in The Netherlands.

Three people have died in the Netherlands after contracting listeria infections, and in Germany, two people lost their lives under similar circumstances earlier this week.

The contaminated meat came from Offerman, a branch of the Belgian group Ter Beke.

According to Ter Beke, only one Dutch production site has been affected by the contamination, however that site also distributes meat to the Belgian market. 

This is why the Ecolos are concerned. “We want to know if contaminated meat was also sold to the Belgian market, to organise a rapid response and analyse what's happened. Did we react appropriately? Are there any lessons to be learnt? The most important thing is to protect people’s health,” Georges Gilkinet, President of Ecolo-Green, told the Chamber on Friday afternoon. 

Gilkinet is expecting the Health Commission to organise a meeting this week.

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