Volunteers clean up Belgian town in latest 'Make Belgium Great Again' programme

Volunteers clean up Belgian town in latest 'Make Belgium Great Again' programme
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Around 50 volunteers met on the Esplanade de l’Avenir in Seraing (Liege province) for a clean-up operation on Saturday afternoon. 

They were taking part in the new RTL-TVI TV program “Make Belgium Great Again.” The program organises and follows the clean-up and renovation of Belgian towns. 

Seraing decided to work with the privately-owned channel to solve the town’s cleanliness issues.

“The idea was to launch an original initiative to introduce our residents to the idea of public cleanliness. Everyone has their role to play in their own town, but you have to know how to keep it clean before you actually clean up,” says Environment councillor Laura Crapanzano. 

Seraing residents cleared rubbish from the streets, pulled up weeds in the cemetery and cleaned up benches and put in new ones.

They also planted flowers and a new fresco was painted near the Seraing train station. The councillor was happy the event was so popular. “It’s incredible to see people getting involved and to see our workers working on a Saturday to support this initiative,” she said. 

“When we spoke to the residents, they all agreed Seraing was not clean and something needed to be done. We hope it will have a long-term impact on the population here,” said Sophie Pendeville, the presenter for “Make Belgium Great Again.” 

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