'Renature Time': Around 100 activities organised to celebrate autumn in Brussels

'Renature Time': Around 100 activities organised to celebrate autumn in Brussels
Credit: Belga

Some 100 autumnal events and activities have been planned across the Belgian capital from 15 October until 12 November to celebrate the season as part of 'Renature Time' City-Nature month, Brussels Environment announced on Monday.

From walks and workshops to screenings and exhibitions, there will be plenty of opportunities to explore the city's many layers this time of year. This is also the ideal time to plant, take cuttings, sow seeds and create landscapes flourishing in biodiversity, Brussels Environment stated in a press release.

'Renature Time' will be kicking off with 'Foire du Jardin et de la Nature' (Garden and Nature Fair), organised in collaboration with Natagora at Parc L28, above the Tour&Taxis park. Various players, including Apis Bruoc Sella, Less Béton, Jardin Essentiel and Vegetalaeken, will be on hand to provide information on gardening and nature. There will also be walks on various themes, such as mushrooms, lichens, or insects.

Those participating in the 'Bioblitz' activity will be invited to identify as many living species as possible in a given space and time. Finally, the Brussels Environment wardens will be organising visits to vegetable gardens and offering a workshop on decorating flower pots, and will distribute seeds and seedlings.

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There will be visits to gardens, parks, orchards and wetlands; workshops to concoct herbal teas, fruit pastes or seed bombs; bike rides, camps and training courses.

'Renature Time', the City-Nature month, is being organised to highlight the 'Nature Plan' developed by Brussels Environment. It is based on the four types of landscape that make up the Brussels-Capital Region (the Dense City, the Forest City, the Countryside City and the Water City) and aims to preserve biodiversity by taking into account the diversity of ecosystems.

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