Belgium makes slow progress towards gender equality

Belgium has come in eighth out of the 28 countries in the EU in terms of its Gender Equality Index (GEI), according to the new index published on Tuesday produced by the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE).

The country is progressively improving its score that currently stands at 71.1% against 70.5% in the 2017 Index, which is quite slow in comparison to the average but explains its decline in the European classification in relation to the publication of EIGE's initial index.

In 2005, Belgium was in fact classed 6th. The index devised by EIGE must serve to evaluate improvements in terms of male-female equality in various domains. In order to calculate each state's overall score, six areas were studied: work, money, expertise, time, power and health. A score of 100% would signify perfect equality.

Globally, Belgium is a good learner, remaining above the EU's 28 member states in terms of its overall score and improving from year to year. The Belgians catch the eye particularly in the "money" domain, coming second in Europe.

The EU as a whole "continues to move forward", but "with small steps" in terms of gender equality, the Institute claimed on Tuesday. "While the new Parliament and the new Commission define and renew the EU's priorities for the next policy framework, it is crucial that gender equality is speeded up," its head, Virginija Langbakk, considered.

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