Firefighters capture snake found in Brussels restaurant

Firefighters capture snake found in Brussels restaurant
A corn snake was found in a Brussels restaurant on Tuesday. Credit: Walter Derieuw/Brussels fire department

A snake found by restaurant employees in downtown Brussels prompted an intervention from the fire department on Tuesday.

Firefighters came to the establishment at around 3:40 PM after they were alerted by restaurant staff that there was a snake inside.

The snake measured around 80 centimetres long and was captured by the department's special animal rescue team, spokesperson Walter Derieuw said in a statement.

Derieuw said the reptile was a corn snake, a non-poisonous species which poses no danger to man and which generally feeds off rodents, which it kills through constriction.

After capturing the snake, which is thought to have escaped from a terrarium, the fire department handed it to animal protection group LRBPO, which focuses on birds but also takes in other species.

Gabriela Galindo

The Brussels Times

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