Dutch YouTubers hide minatures of themselves in Mini-Europe

Dutch YouTubers hide minatures of themselves in Mini-Europe
A screengrab from the video. Credit: Stuk.tv/Youtube

Three Dutch YouTube stars have made headlines in Belgium after a video surfaced of them entering Mini Europe after hours and placing miniatures of themselves on a model of Amsterdam. 

The trio from the Dutch channel StukTV managed to climb over the fence, find the Dutch part of Mini-Europe and put the figures on the depiction of the Alkmaar cheese market. Despite security cameras and guards at the theme park near Atomium in Brussels, they managed to do it all without getting caught. 

The Director of Mini-Europe, however, sees the stunt as a serious breach of security

“They could have been able to cause damage of up to ten million euros in a short period of time. The model of the Grand Place, for example, is worth 400,000 .” says director Thierry Meeùs in the newspaper La Capitale. 

Despite security being in place, security did not see the men ” despite the flashes of light from their cameras”, said the director. “We’ll have to review our security.”

The video has already been viewed more than 400,000 times on Stuk.tv, which is the second-largest Dutch-language YouTube channel.

Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times

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