Belgian soldiers to be taught how to use a map and compass

Belgian soldiers to be taught how to use a map and compass
Belgian soldiers must learn how to read maps and use a compass, as GPS readings are subject to interference. Credit: US Army Reserve.

Belgian soldiers must be re-trained to use map and compass, not out of nostalgia but a necessity, De Morgen wrote on Tuesday.

The defence ministry is concerned about the vulnerability of GPS equipment after Russia proved their signal is easily interrupted.

In October 2018, the two-week military exercise Trident Juncture, led by NATO in northern Norway, was disrupted by GPS interference. Russia was singled out as being responsible for this electromagnetic guerrilla warfare.

It is up to the western nations to adapt to this new reality by better protecting their GPS signals by being able to dispense with GPS. The Belgian army is re-training in the use of maps and compasses during navigation exercises, the Dutch-language daily learned from good sources.

Europe is furthermore looking for an alternative to the US satellite positioning system, which is why it has launched its own satellite network dubbed Galileo. The Belgian army is thus able to command its new land forces vehicles via GPS and Galileo.

The Joint Chiefs did not wish to comment on the information "for security reasons." "We are keeping a close eye on developments in this field," the military press service limited itself to saying.

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