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Why everyone should try boxing

Why everyone should try boxing

This sport allows you to combine cardio and all-round muscle strengthening with a focus on core muscles and developing speed, agility, co-ordination and flexibility.

It banishes stress, tension, frustration and anger.  And that’s not all, because this sport is also very good for your self-confidence.

Ryad Merhy, the recent light heavyweight WBA world champion and member of Aspria, told us how all-encompassing this discipline is: “I started boxing when I was 14 years old.  I needed to get out of my comfort zone.

Besides the physical aspects of boxing, it’s a discipline which allows you to let off steam within a spirit of respect for yourself and for others, and to work on your reflexes and your mental agility.  Boxing is the school of life and of humility.”

Read our interview with Reney Nazim, passionate boxing fan and Group Wellbeing Manager at Aspria, who explains all the benefits of boxing….


Come and try a boxing session in the new boxing studio at Aspria Arts-Loi, with a complimentary day at the club during the Aspria Boxing Days on 16 or 17 November. This includes an invitation to our special Boxing classes, as well as access to all of our fitness facilities, group classes, sauna, hammam and jacuzzi.

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