'Grounded': Female-led play explores balancing act of work and motherhood

'Grounded': Female-led play explores balancing act of work and motherhood
'Grounded' poster and leading lady Letty Thomas reading the script. Credit: The Bridge Theatre

The Bridge Theatre is bringing George Brant's 'Grounded' to Brussels throughout November: a new theatre production which aims to stimulate discussion on how technology is changing our relationship with work

The English-language theatre company produces performances which "aims to connect Brussels through culture" and their forthcoming production "tackles the question of how technology is influencing our relationship with work and highlights the challenges of balancing motherhood with professional life," it announced in a press release.

Written in 2012, 'Grounded' is a gripping and poetic drama which vividly illustrates the complexities we face on a daily basis linked to technological advances. It follows an American fighter pilot navigating drone warfare and motherhood. She is pulled between her compulsive drive to complete her professional duties at war and those at home to her daughter and partner, just a commute away. Suddenly the collateral impact of her actions at war feel dangerously close to home.

'Hidden gem'

"We are proud to create a brand new production of this hidden gem specifically for the Brussels audience," the company's Artistic Director, Edward McMillan, states.

"Written ten years ago and most famously performed by Anne Hathaway in New York, this female-led play explores the often blurred line between work and private life. It also interrogates the morality of waging a 21st-century war from the perspective of a woman warrior who is also a mother."

The English-language production will be directed by Emma Howlett, a talented young director based in London, and stars Letty Thomas in the lead role of the Pilot. Thomas graduated from London's Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in 2017, and is known for featuring in Netflix's 'The Crown' (2016), 'Soulmates' (2020) and 'Bridgerton' (2020), as well as the 2020 feature film, 'Emma'.

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The Bridge Theatre's mission is to connect the people of Brussels via the experience of culture. As with all its productions, this play aims to shine a light on a specific socially-relevant topic. Several performances will also feature post-show talks exploring the play's themes from different angles.

'Grounded' will be performed at Full Circle in Ixelles from 8 November until 25 November and tickets range from €10 - €40. Find more information here.

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