Boris Johnson compares Jeremy Corbyn to Stalin

Boris Johnson compares Jeremy Corbyn to Stalin
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The British prime minister Boris Johnson has compared the leader of the Labour party Jeremy Corbyn to the dictator Joseph Stalin, in an article dedicated to the launch of his general election campaign published on Wednesday in the Telegraph.

On the first day of the official campaign for the ballot on 12 December, the conservative leader accused Jeremy Corbyn of hating "profit so viscerally that he will destroy the very foundations of prosperity in our country."

Labour Party members "pretend that their hate is only directed at certain billionaires, at whom they point the finger with a vindictive pleasure that has not been seen since Stalin persecuted the kulaks," Johnson, making reference to the well-to-do peasants decimated under the Stalinist regime, added.

In his column, Johnson puts forward and compares his wish “to encourage tens of thousands of British companies, large and small” with that of the Labour party, “to knock out everyone under tax”.

Jeremy Corbyn's programme is one of the most left-wing there has been in the United Kingdom in the last few years. Figuring notably in it are the renationalisation of many companies, raising the minimum salary and lowering the average length of the working week to 32 hours, measures that must be financed by raising taxes on the rich.

The Labour Party will "slow business, slow investment and, worst of all, slow Brexit," Johnson accused.

The Labour leader immediately responded on his Twitter account: "The absurdities the ultra-rich can come out with in order to avoid paying a little more tax ..."

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