High levels of PFAS found in eggs in Limburg province

High levels of PFAS found in eggs in Limburg province
Credit: Belga

The action group “Leefbaar Tervant” identified PFAS contaminations in eggs from two locations in Beringen, Limbourg province, following dioxin discoveries, as shown in a study conducted by Toxicowatch.

The highest PFAS levels were found in Beringen, 2,900 metres from the new Bionerga refuse incinerator., according to Toxicowatch’s report.

The organisation conducted the PFAS investigation at two poultry sites, where significant dioxin levels were noted in eggs in 2022. It reported that 1.9 and 5.1 micrograms of PFOA equivalents per gram of product were found in the eggs, with Beringen’s eggs scoring the lowest compared to readings from other incinerators in Europe.

The organisation acknowledges a thorough investigation is required to conclude that waste incineration is the source of PFAS contamination. They recommend a follow-up study on PFAS in vegetation and chicken eggs across multiple locations in Beringen.

While the report isn’t explicit, it suggests the Bionerga incinerator as a possible source of pollution. The company denies allegations that their furnaces operate at a too low temperature and that their combustion gas purification system is inefficient.

The action group “Leefbaar Tervant” is urging Flemish Environment Minister Zuhal Demir to expand the investigation into the source of the dioxin and PFAS contamination.

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