Brussels Mobility announces drop-off zones for shared scooters and bikes

Brussels Mobility announces drop-off zones for shared scooters and bikes
Credit: Christian Bueltemann/Pixabay

Brussels Mobility has decided to set up specific drop-off zones to park scooters and shared bicycles in an effort to combat the overcrowdedness they create.

These zones will be installed near Gare du Nord, Gare du Midi, on Place Louise and Place Stéphanie as pilot projects.

"To determine the locations of the parking spaces we were inspired by an example from Bordeaux," Camille Thiry, a spokesperson for Brussels Mobility, told Bruzz. "The proposal was presented at a meeting of the 'shared mobility' working group to mobility advisers and 19 aldermen of mobility. In addition, the design was approved by the four public transport companies so that, for example, SNCB can implement this design at all major train stations in the country."

The drop off zones' installation date has not yet been decided but it will be in the near future, Thiry added.

Some municipalities have already designed their own parking spaces.

"We are currently in a pilot phase," Alexandre Pirson, the alderman for mobility in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, told Bruzz. "We have plans to create around twenty drop-off zones, including at least twelve by the end of 2019. But if Brussels Mobility offers a design that suits us, that is certainly not a problem for us."

Sheila Uría Veliz

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