Paris to hold referendum on higher parking fees for heavy SUVs

Paris to hold referendum on higher parking fees for heavy SUVs
Credit: Belga

Paris is set to hold a public consultation on 4 February about whether to increase parking charges for heavy SUVs, according to Mayor Anne Hidalgo.

The city council is proposing to improve public spaces for vulnerable road users. Notably, residents with a parking permit would not be affected by the potential increased charges.

"Despite a decrease in private cars in Paris over the last decade, brought about by proactive policies, the average size and weight of vehicles has continued to grow," the city commented in a press release.

It further highlighted that "SUVs are dangerous, heavy, cumbersome, and polluting, which numerous institutions have identified as the root of multiple public space issues."

Although the city has not specified how much more parking could cost for heavier vehicles, it indicated the increase would be “significant.” Furthermore, which vehicles exactly will be targeted remains unclear.

Through this vote, the city hopes to send a message to car manufacturers, encouraging them to halt the “race towards gigantism, which doesn’t align with living quality in the city.”

All Paris residents on the electoral roll are eligible to vote. They can register to vote until 8 January.

As a final point, electric scooters were removed from Parisian streets from 1 September following a public consultation. The saw over 100,000 residents participate, nearly 90% of whom voted for a ban.

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