Europe’s largest floating ice rink is being built in Belgium

Europe’s largest floating ice rink is being built in Belgium
Credit: Pairi Daïza

Belgian animal park Pairi Daïza will soon play host to the largest floating ice rink in Europe, thanks to the work of three local companies.

Construction of the rink – which will be able to hold 500 visitors on 2200 square metres of floor space once it is complete – is being handled by three local specialist companies from Charleroi and Namur.

Speaking to RTBF, one of the directors explained their experience in the field, and how it impacted their approach to the mammoth task at the zoo.

“We have already placed a football field on the water, the floating footbridge on the Meuse du Marathon de Namur and even a cinema on the water in Spain,” explained Bertrand Loute, director of water events specialist company Charlie’s Factory. “Each time, they are different places, new projects that require different settings, different moorings,” he added.

The other two companies – Marine Fllor and Color Production – are also from Wallonia.

“In Pairi Daïza, we try to favour the short supply chain,” said Claire Gilissen, a spokesperson for the park.

The ice rink is expected to open in mid-December.

Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times

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