Venomous green mamba on the loose in the Netherlands

Venomous green mamba on the loose in the Netherlands

An extremely venomous green mamba, measuring nearly two metres long, has escaped from its owner in the city of Tilburg, in the south of the Netherlands, the municipality warned on Tuesday in a press statement.

It urged residents near the railway station to exercise extreme caution and to refrain from approaching the snake, stressing that, although it is not confrontational by nature, its bites are exceptionally venomous.

Anyone bitten must immediately seek medical treatment, according to the statement.

A photograph of the coiled green serpent has been posted on the municipal website to help identify it.

Tilburg residents who spot the snake are advised to keep a safe distance, remain calm, and call the emergency number without delay. Under no circumstance should they attempt to capture the snake themselves.

The tropical snake, primarily active during the day, measures between 1.80 and 2 metres long. Experts suggest that it is likely to lie low due to the current weather, since it prefers warm, dark spaces.

The reptile’s owner reported it missing on Monday evening. Since then, he has removed his other animals from the premises.

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