Uber to start suspending misbehaving passengers

The ride-hailing company Uber will suspend passengers who are structurally receiving negative ratings from their drivers in the app.

Drivers and passengers using the Uber app have to give each other ratings after the ride. So far, only drivers with a low rating could lose access to the app, but now clients who are rude to their drivers will also be denied access to the app.

Research with Uber drivers has shown that some customers do not treat the drivers well. The company cannot tell how many drivers have complained exactly, according to an Uber spokesperson, reports Bruzz.

If passengers continue to receive poor ratings, they will receive a warning, along with tips on how to improve their behaviour. The next step is to suspend the account for a week. If there is no improvement after that, the customer will lose access to the app.

Drivers are assessed on the basis of 500 rides. It is not possible to assess passengers the same way, according to the company, as they show a completely different usage pattern. The management of Uber will try to deliver custom-made solutions, reports De Telegraaf.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times

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