Serious road violations more than halved on busy Brussels boulevard

Serious road violations more than halved on busy Brussels boulevard
A speeding radar was installed in 2018 in Boulevard Leopold III in Brussels. Credit: DIRK WAEM/BELGA

A busy Brussels boulevard has seen a drastic decrease in major road violations since a speeding radar was installed at the start of the year, with speeding offences more thal halved since April.

A speeding radar was installed in November 2018 on Brussels Boulevard Léopold, a busy road connecting the city with motorways heading east.

A comparison of figures from one week in April with one week in November showed that the number of drivers caught speeding at over 80 kilometres per hour on the road had dropped by more than half, going from 59 to 19, according to BX1.

The figures show that fewer cars entering and going out of the city via the boulevard are speeding, with only 7% of drivers coming into Brussels caught speeding November, down from 11% in April, and with only 4% of drivers speeding out of Brussels last month, down from 7% in April.

“Since the implementation, the number of infringements has fallen drastically,” Brussels Mobility Minister Elke Van den Brandt told Bruzz. “The number of major infringements has fallen by more than two thirds,” she said, adding that the results “proved the effects” of speeding cameras.

The figures also showed that drivers caught speeding were now going at speeds comprised between 50 and 69 km/h.

The mobility minister said that the results showed that the situation was a “win-win for everybody,” since it meant “safer traffic and fewer fines for car drivers.”

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times

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