Scotland wants independence (but only if Brexit happens)

Scotland wants independence (but only if Brexit happens)
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Scotland would vote for independence from the UK should the Brexit come to pass, but against it if Britain remains in the European Union, according to a poll published on Sunday.

The survey, conducted for the Sunday Times between 3 and 6 December, shows that a majority of Scots (51%) would want independence should Britain leave the EU. But should the British remain in the EU, 58% of Scots would vote against independence.

For the Brexit referendum in 2016, 62% of Scots had voted to remain in the EU, while Britain voted 52% in favour of the Brexit.

Britain’s exit from the EU is now scheduled for 31 January 2020 but the date could change depending on the parliamentary elections called for on 12 December by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in an attempt to end the “impasse” of the Brexit process.

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