A third of workers on long-term sick leave would return to work earlier

A third of workers on long-term sick leave would return to work earlier
About a third of workers would return to work sooner. Credit: Pexels

Nearly a third of workers (32%) absent due to sickness for over a month would have been willing and able to work for at least a part of their time off, according to a survey published on Wednesday by Securex.

If they are not up to going back to work earlier, this is mainly because of a medical opinion advising against it (44%) or because there is no possibility of a gradual recovery (19%).

More than a fifth of long-term patients polled (22%) consider that they were fit to work during their absence, and nearly half of them (45%) would have wanted to do so, it emerged from the human resources operator’s survey.

Those off work for less than a month, however, are less inclined to return earlier than they have to: only 8% of them would have been willing and able to do so before their sick notes ran out.

As a result, Securex is calling “for more of a distinction to be made and for more flexibility” in order to respond to the ageing working population. This would include measures such as a temporary adaptation (reduced working hours, exemption from certain tasks, adaptation to the work environment, and so on) – which many respondents were in favour of.

Employers often think that a worker cannot simply return to work early from a break caused by illness, Securex notes. “That’s not quite right. The worker is free to return to work without a sick note from the doctor. For insurance purposes, it’s enough to let the employer know beforehand.”

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