Brussels police foils fire attack at Congolese concert

Brussels police foils fire attack at Congolese concert
Congolese signer Fally Ipupa performs on stage during a concert. Credit: Belga

Brussels police arrested a man on Saturday night suspected to be planning an attack at a Congolese artist’s concert in the ING Arena (formerly known as Palais 12).

“The man was stopped at the entrance to the ING Arena/Palais 12 concert venue last night, around 5:30 pm,” Prosecution Spokesperson, Willemien Baert, said.

“He allegedly told a spectator that he planned to set his car on fire. We found four 50cl bottles filled with petrol, two lighters and matches in his possession.”

Suspect's identity and motive revealed

The spokesperson said the 53-year-old suspect of Congolese descent was arrested and questioned.

“An instructing judge later released him under specific conditions. His motive appears to be politically driven.”

Flemish newspaper Het Nieuwsblad revealed on Sunday that the man is a member of the Congolese activist movement “Combattants Congolais”, who oppose the regime in Congo.

The ING Arena was hosting a performance by Congolese singer, guitarist and composer Fally Ipupa on Saturday night.

Activists from "Combattants Congolais" regularly appear at concerts by Fally Ipupa and other Congolese artists. They accuse them of not using their influence enough to oppose the regime and conditions in the country.

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