EU opposes American sanctions over Nord Stream 2 pipeline

EU opposes American sanctions over Nord Stream 2 pipeline
Credit: Belga

The EU denounced the American sanctions against the companies involved in the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline on Saturday.  

“On principle, the EU opposes imposing sanctions on European companies participating in perfectly legal activities,” an EU spokesman said. 

The almost finished pipeline runs under the Baltic Sea, meaning it bypasses Ukraine. It will double the number of Russian natural gas deliveries to western Europe via Germany, which is the main beneficiary. 

Washington said the project would increase European dependence on Russian gas and therefore strengthen Moscow’s influence. The EU has strongly criticised the US interfering with its energy policy. 

A spokesman said the European Commission is currently analysing the possible repercussions of the American sanctions.  

“The Commission’s goal has always been to make sure that the Nord Stream 2 operates in a transparent manner, with an appropriate level of regulatory surveillance,” the spokesman added. 

Eighteen percent of the EU’s annual gas consumption comes from Russia via Ukraine. 

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