Father of two children injured in Dison shooting will remain under arrest

Father of two children injured in Dison shooting will remain under arrest
The shooting took place in an apartment on one of the upper floors Credit: © RTL

An arrest warrant has been issued against the father of two children who were rushed to the hospital in life-threatening conditions after having been shot at the weekend.

The unidentified man is under police custody and the arrest warrant was issued against him after it was established that he had been the one handling the gun when the shots were fired, according to 7sur7.

The public prosecutor issued the warrant under charges of illegal possession of weapons and involuntary battery and assault following the incident in the family’s home in Dison, in the province of Liège, at the weekend.

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Two children aged 9 and 12 were initially reported to be in a critical condition but their condition has since become stable, with the incident currently under investigation by police, who found several unregistered weapons during a search of the house.

“It appears that three children were playing in an apartment in Dison, and they were playing with a weapon they found,” a representative of the local prosecutor’s office said, adding: “A first shot was fired but no one was injured, the father then intervened and grabbed the weapon. Another shot, fired accidentally, injured two children who were standing one in front of the other.”

The children’s uncle, who was present, was also brought into custody for questioning but was released by police, with a ballistics expert charged with establishing whether it was all the result of an accident.

Gabriela Galindo
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