Using cellphone while driving punishable by 116 euro fine

Using cellphone while driving punishable by 116 euro fine
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According to the latest Touring survey, using the smartphone while driving is the most annoying behavior on the road.

In its latest survey, the Belgian motorist association Touring measured the sentiments of the average Belgian driver and asked them to rank the most annoying driving behaviors.

Not surprisingly, changing lane without indicating, and too high speeds both sit in the top 3 with 51% and 50%.

For the rest, drivers clogging the central lane wind 39% of the respondents up. After follows aggressive driving (34%), cutting off other road users (31%), following the previous car too close or tailgating (19%), blocking a crossroad (16%), and double-parking (11%).

However, cellphone use tops the ranking, and winds up 56% of the surveyed drivers.

The association is however satisfied that a a 116 euro fine can be applied for drivers using the GSM when driving, New Mobility reports.

That being said, Touring indicates that the number of fines is dropping. In 2018, police issued 1.625 fewer fines for cellphone usage while driving than in 2017.

Touring calls on the authorities to act firmly and increase the number of intelligent cameras and average speed check zones in high-risk areas.

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