Over 3,000 run the Manneken-Pis Corrida

Over 3,000 run the Manneken-Pis Corrida

The 10th edition of the Manneken-Pis Corrida took place yesterday evening, on the streets of Brussels.

Before the run, eleven runners who participated in all previous editions were rewarded in a ceremony.

With 3,000 runners registered, the event was sold-out. Participants had the choice between a 4 km or 8 km course, or two 4 km loops, with the place of departure and arrival at Place d'Espagne.

The runners ran through Place des Martyrs, the Galerie de la Reine, Rue Neuve and even the Grand-Place. Different musical groups, including the Meyboom fanfare, boosted the energy for the runner and the event at different points along the route.

The runners wore a red Christmas hat and displayed the trilingual message "The most beautiful corrida of the world. Or?".

The Manneken-Pis was dressed in the afternoon with its 1,035th costume, a red sportswear outfit consisting of shorts and shoes similar to those of the Czech champion Emil Zatopek. The Manneken-Pis also wore a Christmas hat.

Running magazine Zatopek, created the race in 2007 in Belgium. One euro from each runner is donated to the Rafaël centre which is fighting poverty in Brussels.

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