What's open on 1 January in Brussels?

What's open on 1 January in Brussels?
From movies, amusement parks, restaurants and art-deco museums, here is what will be open on the first day of the year in Brussels. Credit: Pxhere

As the first public holiday of the year, 1 January will see many shops and businesses close down for the day, but for those looking for something to do in New Year's Day activity, Brussels still has a number of activities to offer.

As with other public holidays, public and administration services, such as postal services, will not operate on 1 January, and neither will banks.

Some Carrefour shops will be open on Wednesday, as well as some of Delhaize's smaller Shop'n'Go markets, but Aldi, Lidl and Colruyt shops will remain mostly closed on the first.

On the evening of 31 December, Deliveroo will stop deliveries at around 8:00 PM, but the service will pick back on 1 January, a particularly busy day for the food delivery app, according to Le Soir.

A number of restaurants around the city centre, such as around the Grand Place or in Place de la Bourse, will welcome costumers on Wednesday, such as burger restaurant Manhattan's, or healthy food shop Exki, as well as fast-food restaurants and chains in Brussels.

Most shopping malls and retail shops will be shut down on Wednesday, including City 2, the Woluwe Shopping Center and Docks Bruxsel.

While the majority of museums in the city will also close down for the day, the privately-owned Van Buuren museum near Uccle will welcome art-deco lovers, who will be able to enjoy a sunny visit of the property's gardens, as clear skies are forecast for the opening day of the year.

A chilly and sun-filled walk will also be possible around Brussels many public parks and gardens, as well as a visit to the Mini Europe amusement park, which will welcome visitors on the 1st.

Lastly, several movie theatres in Brussels will also hold functions on the 1st, such as the Cinéma Aventure, Cinéma Galéries and UGC movie theatres.

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