France's new prime minister promises 'action and results'

France's new prime minister promises 'action and results'
Credit: Belga

France’s new Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal, has vowed to address French citizens’ concerns and lower taxes for the middle class.

Promising continuous action and results, Attal emphasised his dedication in a interview with French TV channel TF1. He praised the energy of his ministers who, he said, were fully committed to meeting the French public’s expectations.

Attal confirmed his intention to fulfill President Emmanuel Macron’s earlier promise of reducing the taxes burdening the middle class. “The president made a promise, and of course we will honour it, as the French people expect us to act for them,” said the Prime Minister, who declined to mention a timeline.

Attal also responded to the unexpected appointment of Ms. Rachida Dati, currently under investigation for corruption, as Minister of Culture. He defended the appointment, invoking the presumption of innocence, and praised Ms. Dati as a driven, energetic woman who has always fought to get what she wants.

At 34, Attal is France’s youngest ever Prime Minister. Despite initially doubting his ability to take on the role, he said he had committed to it out of love for his country and a desire to meet citizens’ expectations. He acknowledged upcoming challenges in areas such as employment, security, education, public services, environment, and climate change.

Commenting on his right-leaning cabinet announced on Thursday, Attal stated, “I am not here to ask ministers to empty their pockets to show their political party card.”

He gave the assurance that his government comprises individuals leaning both to the right and the left.

When asked about his presidential ambitions, Attal said he was interested in 2024 rather than 2027.

Despite not being backed by an absolute majority in the National Assembly, he said hoped to make progress and called for a collaborative approach.

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