Replacing Brussels electricity network is ‘not necessary’ for electric vehicles

Replacing Brussels electricity network is ‘not necessary’ for electric vehicles
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Replacing the entire electricity grid to provide fast-charging stations in Brussels will not be necessary as technical solutions exist, according to Alain Maron, the Minister for Energy.

The Brussels Minister said that in a reaction to the news that the Brussels’ electricity grid is not suitable for the creation of a network of charging stations, reports De Tijd.

88% of the streets in Brussels are not suited to the installation of rapid-charge electric stations, as most streets are still being fed by 230-volt electric cables, rather than the 400-volt cables ideally suited to fast-charge use. However, there are definitely technical solutions to that problem, according to Maron.

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“Replacing the Brussels electricity network just like that in a few years will not work. But it is not necessary either. The faster charging poles, which need a higher voltage, can be installed on a 230-volt connection if a transformer is installed,” said Pascal Devos, the spokesperson for Maron, reports Bruzz. “From a technological point of view, we can provide an answer to where a fast-charging station is needed,” he added.

“That is also cheaper than replacing the entire grid. In neighbourhoods where streets and electricity will be rebuilt, we will, of course, switch to 400 volts,” added Devos.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times

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