Manslaughter investigation opened after girl (7) found dead in Molenbeek

Manslaughter investigation opened after girl (7) found dead in Molenbeek
View of the citty hall of Sint-Jans-Molenbeek as seen from the Place communale. Credit: WIkimedia Commons.

A manslaughter investigation has been opened after a girl (7) died in Molenbeek on Friday.

The seven-year-old girl was reported dead on Monday morning by her mother, who was subsequently arrested, the Brussels public prosecutor confirmed.

After being informed on Monday, the Brussels public prosecutor immediately sent a medical examiner to the site for an investigation. According to preliminary results, it cannot be ruled out that the girl died at the hands of a third party.

Consequently, the public prosecutor is treating the death as suspicious and an investigation into manslaughter was launched.

The mother "will be interviewed later today," a spokesperson for the Brussels public prosecutor, Denis Goeman, told Bruzz.

"Tomorrow there will also be an autopsy on the body of the girl to find out the cause of death. The public prosecutor wants to emphasise that all possibilities are still open at the moment," Goeman added.

There is a possibility that the girl died at home, said the spokesperson of the mayor's office, Catherine Moureaux (PS).

"We have ensured that psychological counselling [will be available] at the school the girl attended," Moureaux added.

Evie McCullough

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