Missing cat turns up ten months later in Leuven

Missing cat turns up ten months later in Leuven

Noni, a five-year-old cat who went missing ten months ago, has turned up safe and well and 50km from home.

Noni disappeared from home in Lebbeke in East Flanders last March, and her whereabouts remained a mystery until she turned up at the offices of Versele-Laga, a pet-food manufacturer in Leuven.

The cat was hiding in our cellar,” one member of staff told VRT News. “It looks like she got in through an open window.”

Leuven is some 50km from Lebbeke, which lies between Dendermonde and Aalst. But it’s unlikely Noni walked all the way.

As well as Leuven, we have an office in Lebbeke in East Flanders, where Noni comes from, the staff said. “She probably hitched a lift with one of our delivery trucks.”

Staff at the company got in touch with the volunteer organisation Zwerfkat in Leuven (ZIL) which looks after stray and abandoned animals, making sure they are sterilised or castrated and chipped. Noni, they discovered, had been spayed and chipped, so volunteers were able to get in touch with her owners. To their surprise, the owners said they didn’t want her returned.

Instead, Noni will shortly be looking for a new home. Right now she is lodging with a volunteer family while her adoption papers are drawn up. When that is done, Zwerfkat will be asking for candidates to adopt Noni. Watch the group’s Facebook page for the announcement.

Alan Hope

The Brussels Times

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