Men who raped a woman after offering her a place to stay face 5 year sentence

Men who raped a woman after offering her a place to stay face 5 year sentence
The couple had initially booked a hotel for the night of 27 September, however, they had trouble finding it, so called at a house on Lange Beeldekensstraat. Credit: Pixabay.

Two men who sedated and raped a woman while she slept in an apartment in Antwerp that the men had offered her and her boyfriend as a place to stay are facing a five-year prison sentence.

With no permanent place of residence, the victim and her boyfriend had booked to stay in a hotel in Antwerp on the night of 27 September 2018. However, that evening the couple had difficulties finding the address of the hotel.

The couple then called at a house on Lange Beeldekensstraat- in a neighbourhood in the north of Antwerp, Belga news agency reports.

A man, identified as Ali. A. opened the door and offered the couple a place to stay in an apartment near St. Paul's Church. Ali. A called his friend, identified as Mohammad A., and the group went into the apartment, where they drank a little before going to sleep.

The following morning, the woman awoke with pains in her abdomen only to see Ali. A sitting on her legs and buttoning up his trousers. When the woman's boyfriend woke up and heard that she had been raped, the three men got into an argument which reportedly saw Ali. A. threaten the couple with a knife.

Police were notified by the couple about what had happened.

Traces of sperm belonging to both of the two men were discovered in the victim and traces of sedatives were found in her blood. Although Ali. A first denied raping the woman, after questioning, both men confessed to having raped her while she slept, Nieuwsblad explains.

The woman is demanding €10,000 in compensation. She continues to be deeply affected by the events, according to her lawyer.

The verdict of the two defendants, Ali. A and Mohamad A. is set to be announced on 21 February.

Evie McCullough

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