Luxembourg will be first EU country to totally ban glyphosate

Luxembourg will be first EU country to totally ban glyphosate
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By the end of 2020, glyphosate will be totally banned in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg with an initial phase beginning on 1 February, making Luxembourg the first EU country to prohibit the controversial herbicide.

By 31 December 2020, phytopharmaceutical products containing glyphosate will be banned from the Grand Duchy’s soil, according to the governmental agreement dating from 2018.

The ban will proceed in three phases: withdrawal of marketing authorization on 1 February; reduction of stocks allowed until 30 June; and a period of grace for the final use of these products ending on 31 December 2020.

In fact, almost 60% of the country’s farms have already ceased using glyphosate, according to the Luxembourg Government.

The license to use glyphosate in the EU, which was renewed in 2017 by the EU executive, is valid until 15 December 2022. But its fate is being debated in many countries. Luxembourg hopes that its approach will have a "high leverage effect" in the EU.

In Belgium, the use of glyphosate was first banned by the Regions. But the Federal remained in charge of its marketing. Since 2018, the marketing, sale and private use of all herbicides, such as "Roundup", is prohibited. Since 31 December 2018, the sale of selective herbicides (for example, herbicide that removes dandelions, daisies, etc. in a lawn) is also prohibited.

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